The stereotype of the “I.T. guy” has become something of a classic in the United States. He’s always a young male, he’s always socially awkward and he always lords his knowledge of the arcane arts of technology over the hapless co-workers who plead to him for help.

Very little of that stereotype is true anymore outside of TV shows, and that’s partially because nerdy things are suddenly very popular (Anybody see a comic book movie in the last 10 years?) and partially because new advancements have made it possible for everyday people to find success using technology without as much assistance.

An iPhone is a good example. It’s a wildly complicated and powerful computer, but you’d never know it when you look at the young children or grandparents or technophobes that use it everyday and will gladly show you how to use it, too, if you ask. You may love Apple or you may hate Apple, but it would be hard to deny that they do an outstanding job of making complex technology into user-friendly appliances. An iPhone isn’t nearly as scary as a computer, even though it is one.


We work with WordPress for the same reason. The software and the community behind it help us to build websites that look great and use the very latest techniques on the web, while still being so easy to maintain that anybody who can use a web browser can make changes. It used to be that your web developer was just another I.T. guy stereotype (we speak to far too many prospective clients who aren’t just tired of asking their developer to make changes, they’re actually afraid to).

Not anymore, and certainly not at {code} Roadies. When we build your site in WordPress you can modify nearly all of your unique, modern, effective website on your own. And as an added benefit, you’ll never feel any anxiety if you need to give us a call. We’ll be glad to help, and we may even give you a short review of the latest superhero movie if you ask us to. We are nerds after all.