Our team recently got back from WordCamp Minneapolis / St. Paul, and it was clear that the WordPress community is thriving more than it ever has before. While other open source platforms are struggling to grow, the WordPress community is going strong with thousands of developers, designers, user-experience experts, writers, translators and many others contributing ideas, code and energy to advance the CMS platform forward.

WordCamp in the Twin Cities is just one of more than 50 WordCamps around the globe, and it’s always great for us to connect with some of the biggest names in the WordPress world.

Per normal, there is an incredible amount of information to absorb from our WordCamp experience. I sat down with {code} Roadies Project Manager Jasper Jacobson to get his take on this year’s WordCamp. Here are a few of the topics discussed by our fellow community members that we’re looking forward to exploring further:

  • Interactive mockups  Photoshop mockups are becoming a thing of the past. Instead, dynamic, interactive mockups are helping streamline website projects right from the start.
  • Search Engine Marketing – There is a vast world beyond SEO plugins in WordPress. A more comprehensive SEO process is focused on visitors’ needs and creating a positive user experience through high-quality content.
  • Voice Search – Voice search now makes up nearly 20 percent of searches. This will certainly affect how we optimize sites for users.
  • Web Law – We heard some interesting advice from law professionals on how to keep websites in tune with regulations and the law.

This is just a bite-sized chunk of what we heard at this year’s WordCamp. Make sure to check out our upcoming blogs to see even more.

WordCamp MPLS 2017 started off with a panel discussion on staying sane in tech
WordCamp MPLS 2017 started off with a panel discussion on staying sane in tech. We discussed the common challenges to mental health within the tech community and talked about strategies to bolster mental fitness.

The Power Of WordPress

Want proof that the WordPress community is leading the way for CMS? Check out these stats:

WordPress powers nearly one third of the internet.

More than 76 million blog posts using WordPress are made each month – Forbes, The New York Times, CNN and the National Football League are just a few of the names that run their blogs on WordPress.

There are more than 445,000 members in WordPress meetup groups around the world.