In this post, we will do our best to translate some of the more technical aspects of digital content creation into plain English. We’ll begin by introducing our main areas of expertise – at least for now.

WordPressWordPress – This open source Content Management System (CMS) is the world’s most popular way to build sites that non-nerds can edit themselves. Everyone from giant companies such as Ford and CNN to musicians such as Jason Mraz and The Who utilize WordPress to provide graphically attractive content that is easily editable anytime, anywhere – by anyone who is authorized.

PHP / MySQL – The tools behind WordPress, these two heavyweights can be used on their own to build custom websites and applications that can do almost anything.

XHTML / CSS – A couple of the more popular technologies for coding websites, they still form the base for much of what you see on the Internet. Our coders have been writing this stuff since they were in junior high.

DrupalDrupal – Another open source CMS, Drupal is a robust – and sometimes challenging – platform for creating attractive, user-editable websites.

App Development – We recently programmed and launched an iPad game for a client that has been very well received.  We then converted it into an iPhone game that just launched in July.