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Live From A Cracker Barrel Bathroom

Eddie Trunk is a radio personality who hosts several programs for the Sirius XM satellite radio service. Mostly he spends his programs relentlessly pitching his own appearances and cross promoting his own projects (“I put together the Winery Dogs,” a boast that would mean more if anybody in the world had ever willingly listened to the Winery Dogs). But sometimes he has interesting guests and forgets to talk about himself just long enough for us to hear their stories.

Such was the case of when he interviewed legendary producer Ron Nevison, who spoke about several of his projects, including the band UFO’s seminal live album Strangers in the Night. Trunk began by gushing about how it was his favorite album of all time (once again working to insert himself into the story), and then gave a long spiel about how so much of supposed “live” albums are actually recorded in a studio and mixed in with a live performance. (The dubiously titled Alive! album by KISS is a good example of this, with most of the tracks allegedly being recorded and overdubbed long after the concerts were over.) “I’ve heard that Strangers in the Night is almost completely, genuinely live,” Trunk claimed expertly. I could almost hear the high-pitched sound of butt kissing through my radio.

And that’s when Ron Nevison, one of the great rock producers of all time, kicked Eddie Trunk where it counts. “Actually,” he said. “We recorded some of that album in a studio.” There was silence. It was like he had broken the news about Santa and the Easter Bunny at the same time. In fact, I swear to you that you could hear it when he saw Trunk’s face. It must have been like accidentally stepping on a puppy’s tail, because Nevison immediately tried to make the boo boo better by saying things like “y’now, that was a long time ago – maybe that was only on a few tracks” and “a lot of it really was live.” He felt bad about breaking a grown man’s heart.

Here’s my question. Would Eddie Trunk (and millions of UFO fans around the world) been happier if they had a 100% live album that sounded like it was recorded in a crowded restroom at Cracker Barrell? No. They wanted an album that captured the experience of seeing their favorite band perform live – even if that meant that it was edited and polished and improved.

The same can be said for your presence on the web. Your users don’t care how much of the work you did yourself. They just care that it is easy to use and gives them the information they need. By getting help, you can take a cool looking website and make it a cool looking website that also does a really good job. You can take your average social media properties and make them into social media properties that your customers are proud to share with their friends. You’ve already got some great ideas, you just need a crew of professionals to bring them to life.

Who cares if Frampton Comes Alive! isn’t completely live? It’s still an unbelievable artistic accomplishment that rocks, and your website should be the same.