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Wow ’Em With WordPress

Not that long ago we completed a website (two websites, really) for a client called Northridge that builds and manages hotels and apartments. The site is live here, and the design really shows off what WordPress can do in the hands of experienced web developers.

There are a lot of content management systems in the world, and their supporters all claim that their choice is the best. For its part, WordPress began primarily as a blogging platform – and sometimes people still remember it that way. However, the Northridge site proves just how much the WordPress CMS has changed since those early days. Today, nearly 75 million websites depend on WordPress, and that massive community of users and developers has created an ecosystem that allows for tremendous creativity and innovation.

Best of all, one thing has not changed: making updates to a WordPress website is still as simple as editing a blog. Have a new employee? Add them to your site in just a few minutes. Want to show off a new product or project? Create an entry, add a few photos and make your work live in the time it takes to make a cappuccino – no web coding necessary.

Here at {code} Roadies, we always keep our eyes open for the best web development tools for our clients. WordPress just continues to impress us with its incredible flexibility and expandability. The old days of cookie cutter CMS websites are gone. Instead, WordPress opens up a world of potential, letting us create exactly the sites our clients are looking for. Check out our portfolio here and see for yourself why WordPress has become the standard by which all other content management systems are judged.

Then give us a call.