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American Web Design Award Winners 2016

Recently, we sent a few entries to the 2016 American Web Design Awards from http://gdusa.com/.

This year’s total entries topped 1,250 for the first time, and a highly select number (just 15 percent) were recognized with an Awards Certificate.

This year’s certificates

Here at {code} Roadies we were fortunate to earn two Award Certificates: one for coderoadies.com and another for devotionpet.com. Raise your lighters (or cell phones) up for the talented roadies who made these awards happen – and for the best clients in the business!

Code Roadies 2015 Redesign
Code Roadies 2015 Redesign
Armstrong Devotion Design
Armstrong Devotion Design

American Web Design Award Winner

We strive to give our clients an excellent return on investment for the products and services we provide. Since we do a lot of work under the cover of an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), that means we usually don’t get recognized by anyone but our clients. However, it’s nice to get out and stretch every once in a while and show others that the work we do is both valuable and valued.

We thought our latest project, Mayville-Portland EDC, was one that we knocked out of the park.

Our congratulation letter

Not only was our client exceedingly pleased with their new website, but, with their permission, we submitted it for consideration to Graphic Design USA. A few weeks later, we received a package congratulating us!

You can check out our award-winning site on our portfolio or see it in action.

Our award!